Map of Podgorica

Map of Podgorica on He phoned in a bomb threat to a luxury hotel and placed anonymous harassing phone calls to people in authority like his former landlord and a doctor at Castle Memorial Hospital. On the street, he confronted Hare Krishnas until someone told him they could get violent if provoked. On Saturday, December 6, 1980, Mark David Chapman made his final trip to New York City. Landing at La Guardia Airport, he took a cab to the Dakota, cased the building, and checked into a $16.50 a night room at the West Side YMCA, a ten minute walk from Lennon’s residence. On the morning of Sunday, December 7, Chapman bought a copy of Lennon’s recently released album, Double Fantasy, at a record store near the Dakota and relocated to Room 2730 at the upscale Sheraton Centre at Seventh Avenue and 52nd Street. For the next three hours, the assassin stood clutching the album outside the gate of the Dakota in the company of other fans waiting to see the rock star. Map of Podgorica 2016.

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