Map of Phillip Island

Map of Phillip Island on As long as the stop price is determined and executed, the stop loss can be taken to ensure that you could come and trade another day. If the stop loss is more than desired because the previous stop price was overlooked or missed and not executed, then this is a personal flaw more often than not. Although I say that stops are the sole responsibility of the trader, I understand that at CHAPTER 12 Rules of a Trader 207 TEAMFLY some points in time they are out of control of the individual. In these cases, we may have a technological glitch that removes our connection to the markets and by the time either a broker is contacted or the connection is restored, the trade has moved past your stop price. Although I understand this can happen, and it has happened to me, this is not a part of the stop loss process that we must focus on. However, should this type of uncontrollable trading occur, there is a smart way to go about handling this case. If you are in a trade and the connection to the markets is lost, the idea is to stay calm and follow a few steps. Map of Phillip Island 2016.

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