Map of Philippines

Tuba, a native drink, is made from, the fermented juice of the palm. Philippine beer is exceedingly popular among Filipinos, alien residents and visitors alike. A great quantity of Philippine rum is also manufactured and exported. Philippine and imported liquors are always available. Hotel bars are open from eight in the morning to about twelve at night. Other bars are open later. The price of a drink of Scotch ranges from 75 cents to $1.25, depending on quality and the prestige of the establishment.

MEDICAL FACILITIES : There are numerous excellent public and private hospitals. A few American private hospitals are the Manila Sanitarium, Waterous Clinic, May Johnston Hospital, and St. Luke’s Hospital. There are also excellent Spanish and Chinese hospitals, whose medical staffs have been trained in the best American hospitals.

MOTION PICTURES : In Manila the Ideal, the Times, the Lyric, the Capitol, the Avenue and the State are first-class theaters and are all air conditioned. There are also a great many second-class, air-conditioned theaters all over the city. These theaters show second-run films and double features. Movie theaters, or cines as they are commonly called, start at 8:30 in the morning. Last screening starts at about 9:00 in the evening. Hollywood, British, Italian and Spanish films are shown, although Hollywood films are the most popular. Foreign films with dialogue other than English or Spanish are shown with English subtitles.

MUSIC : The kundiman is a distinctive native music. This type of music has almost always a plaintive and amorous air. Several kundimans composed by great Filipino composers have won fame all over the world. Native rondallas, or string bands, are regularly heard over the radio. Filipinos are expert with the guitar and other stringed instruments. Excellent bands play nightly in many of the night clubs. The Manila Symphony Orchestra and the Filipino Youth Symphony periodically play concerts in school auditoriums.

NIGHT CLUBS AND CABARETS: There are several night clubs in Manila. Among the most patronized are the Manila Hotel Winter Garden, Jungle Bar, the Sky Room in the Jai-Alai Building, the Circus Room on top of the Shellborne Hotel, and the Riviera on Dewey Boulevard. These are all air conditioned; songs are provided by radio and screen stars. American bands, artists and other musical troupes often give performances in these night clubs. Most of them feature special programs and floor shows. The Metro Garden, located near the piers, the Sportsman and the Bayside on Dewey Boulevard are also popular.

PHOTOGRAPHY . J. Photo equipment, black-and-white and color film are available in Manila and other principal cities, but prices are much higher than in the United States. Developing and printing can be done within 24 hours.



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