Map of Philadelphia Tourist

Map of Philadelphia Tourist on Further Reading Fausset, Richard. Rapper May Have Had Dispute with Man Suspected in His Death. Los Angeles Times, May 20, 2009, pt. A, p. 3. Jeffries, David. Dolla. Map of Philadelphia Tourist 2016.

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Needle-pointed, these were as sharp as razors, and a practised hand could flick out the central blade from between the two enclosing handles in a fraction of a second to form a fearsome weapon. Gang members walked the streets of Djakarta with their shirts open to show the patchwork of knife scars across their torsos; badges of honour. On the first night, Bob, Brian and I decided we should take heed of the agent’s sage advice and restrict ourselves to having a drink in a couple of the local bars in the port area of Tanjong Priok. The bars were all clumped together in a strip in a badly-lit street outside the dock gates. They were shanty places, booming music, full of sailors, full of whores.

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