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Map of Pettenbach on The conference was held on September 22-24, 2005, at the Centre for Advanced Study in the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters in Oslo. Professor Lothe was Group Leader of a research group on Narrative Theory and Analysis. 1 was a participant in this group and have fond memories of it. My Oslo lecture was subsequently published as a chapter in Joseph Conrad: Voice, Sequence, History, Genre, edited by Jakob Lothe, Jeremy Hawthorn, and James Phelan (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2008), 160-77. 1 am extremely grateful to Jakob Lothe, James Phelan, and Ohio State University Press for permission to reuse this material in revised form. A Chinese translation by Yifan Zhang and Yingjian Guo of a part of the third section of Chapter 4, under the title Material Interests: Modernist English Literature as Critique of Global Capitalism, has been published in the Journal of Zhengzhou University, Vol. 5 (2004), 127-30. Map of Pettenbach 2016.

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