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Map of Petrovac on Besides, 243 Radin Jacobs convinced Evans that she could set up financing for the films with associates at American Express and totally cut Radin out of the picture. At his next meeting with the impresario, Evans informed Radin that Jacobs wanted a percentage of the company and suggested that he give her half of his 45 percent stake. Radin flew into a rage and called off the entire deal. A few days later, Radin received a telephone death threat that should have signaled the end of his time in Los Angeles, but the binge cocaine user refused to see the danger signals.

Laney Jacobs called Radin and set up one last meeting on May 13, 1983, to determine if they could settle their differences regarding the Evans matter.

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She would pick him up at the Regency Hotel in a black limousine and they would dine at the fashionable La Scala restaurant in Beverly Hills. Advised by associates not to see Jacobs, Radin devised a plan to guarantee his safety.

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