Map of Perugia

Two things immediately come to mind when this city is mentioned”the university for foreigners, and Perugina chocolates (e.g., the Baci). Even if you miss the city’s chocolate festival, you can still enjoy its papal fortress and works by native sons Perugino and Pinturicchio.

Map of Perugia Photo Gallery

Map of Perugia

Perugia Regional MapMost of the time we were chipping and painting, or scrubbing and scraping, or digging out the filthy tanks. In port, we would either be loading or unloading and both involved swinging the big heavy wheels on the deck valves to open and control the flow in and out of the tanks, until our muscles screamed. The seamanship work however, was always welcome. It made me a better seaman: I became more dexterous, I became more organised, more single-minded, it improved my concentration, I learned greater patience, I took greater pride in what I did, my judgement improved. I became a better person.

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