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Map of Pedernales on NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY depreciation THE DECLINE IN value of an asset spread over its economic life is termed depreciation. Depreciation covers deterioration from use, age, and exposure to elements. Since the consumption of CAPITAL is considered as cost of production, the allowance for depreciation is always made before net PROFIT is calculated. The rationale of keeping these costs is to measure current income accurately and to prevent decreasing the value of the overall assets of business.

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Depreciation can be measured only at the end of the economic life of an asset, so companies are required to estimate both the total amount of depreciation and the asset life. The annual depreciation allowance is determined by allocating historic cost less residual value over the service life. The annual depreciation provisions are typically calculated by one of two methods. Map of Pedernales 2016.

TPWD: November 4, 2010 Commission Meeting Agenda u2013 Item 7

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