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Map of Parndana on relational research research investigating the strength of the relationships between two or more variables. relationship n. a connection between objects, events, variables, or other phenomena, particularly a continuing and usually binding association between two or more people, as in a family, friendship, marriage, partnership, or other interpersonal link in which the participants have some degree of influence on each other's thoughts, feelings, and even actions. In psychotherapy, the therapist-patient relationship is thought to be an essential aspect of patient improvement.

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relationship therapy 1. any form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the nature of the relationship between client and therapist and views it as the primary therapeutic tool and agent of positive change. Relationship therapy is based on the idea of providing emotional support and creating an accepting atmosphere that fosters personality growth and elicits attitudes and past experiences for examination and analysis during sessions. Map of Parndana 2016.

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