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Map of Parkes on UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS economies of scale IN THE THEORY OF PRODUCTION, the word scale refers to a long-run situation where all inputs of the firm are variable. If one asks the question: what happens to output if all inputs are doubled? There would be three possible answers: Output doubles, output more than doubles, and output increases but less than doubles. If output doubles, the firm's technology is said to exhibit constant returns to scale; if output more than doubles the firm's technology exhibits increasing returns to scale; and it exhibits decreasing returns to scale if output increases by less than twice the original level. In general, constant returns to scale refers to a technology where output changes by the same proportion as inputs. Increasing returns to scale refers to the case where output changes by a larger proportion than inputs, and decreasing returns to scale refers to a technology for which output changes by a smaller proportion than inputs.

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Constant returns to scale are easily explained. One would expect that two workers, who are equally skilled and use identical capital (machines) would be able to 232 economies of scale produce twice as much as one worker using one unit of capital. Map of Parkes 2016.

Parkes – Central NSW – Maps – Street Directories – Places to Visit …

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Parkes – Central NSW – Maps – Street Directories – Places to Visit …

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