Map of Papun

Map of Papun on Twelve hours after the incident, Kwesi alerted authorities that his brother was the victim of a hate crime. Police opened an investigation, but during the intervening twelve hour delay valuable foren – sic evidence and potential witnesses had been lost. Aware of Menson’s well-documented history of mental health problems, the authorities remained convinced he had harmed himself, and so were in no hurry to question the burn victim. On January 31, police finally paid a call on Menson, but finding the man sedated after the first of several painful skin grafts, decided he was medically unfit to interview. Unbelievably, no detectives returned to the hospital to question Menson who had sufficiently recovered from his injuries to be able to read and work crossword puzzles. Kwesi and the Menson family continued to beg police to investigate the incident, but in the absence of official interest, the dedicated brother began writing down the injured man’s bedside statements concerning the attack. On February 3, 1997, the comatose Menson died of multiple organ failure after developing septicaemia and suffering two heart attacks. Map of Papun 2016.

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