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Map of Orientos on After several miscarriages, Ono gave birth to a son, Sean Taro Ono Lennon, on October 9, 1975, the same month and day as Lennon’s birthday 35 years earlier. When the rock star’s contract with EMI expired in February 1976 he decided not to renew it. Over the next five years, Lennon entered a period of creative self-exile to devote himself full-time to the care of his son. Lennon, the house-husband, remained at home with Sean while Ono managed their business affairs. During this exile, however, persistent rumors circulated that Lennon was heavy into narcotics, especially cocaine and heroin. In November 1980, the 40-year-old ended his creative exile with the release of Double Fantasy on Geffen Records. The collaboration between John and Yoko was an overt reaffirmation of their love and a testament to the importance of the life he shared with his family. Map of Orientos 2016.

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