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This is hard for me to admit, but really, it was more my fault than yours. You were always such an open, trusting soul. I trust no one. I’m afraid, afraid that if I show anyone how I feel, they’ll reject me. Maybe that’s why I fought you – because though I did love you as much as I think I can love anyone, I couldn’t bring myself to trust you with that love.Her throat felt tight, as if her words and thoughts had massed into a huge ball, making it impossible for her to swallow. I know if you could speak, you’d tell me that I should have had more faith in you,she said in a rare burst of insight, but long ago, I learned that I couldn’t count on my father’s love for ever and ever the way a child wants to. I learned that I couldn’t trust him, that his love was unreliable and conditional. After that, how could I trust anyone else?With tentative fingers, she moved the mouthpiece off to the side, leaned down, and kissed his lips.

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