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Map of Oenpelli on (200) Nowhere does Williams say in so many words why it is better to describe accurately a rural community than to describe accurately the disasters of courtship and marriage among the gentry, as Eliot did in Middlemarch and Daniel Deronda, or as did Henry James, whom Williams also does not much like. He just takes it for granted that Hardy’s subject matter is better, perhaps because Williams thought real history was taking place among rural people, not among the gentry. His panoramic chapter in The Country and the City, on Enclosures, Commons and Communities, supports that view. For Williams, the essential action of English history from the eighteenth century to the present is the graduaI rise of capitalism and its destruction of rural community life. He calls this the increasing penetration by capitalist social relations and the dominance of the market (98). His view of this is quite different from that of Americans today, such as Francis Fukuyama, or George W. Bush, or Paul Ryan. Map of Oenpelli 2016.

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