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Map of Ockham on media enterprises, either on a vertical (owning more companies from different media) or horizontal perspective (buying more corporations in a same field, and by doing so, reducing competition), such as proven by the AOL TIME WARNER merger in 2000. Vertical integration in the media industry means that the six biggest multi-media conglomerates (SONY, Universal, Paramount, Warner, Disney, Fox) will intensify their activities in similar or complementary fields, thus raising their collective power, control, and profits, by spending millions to acquire interests in movie theater chains, cable television systems, over-the-air television stations, TV networks and home video operations such as Bluckbuster Video, Compaine explains. History has shown that unique voices characterize most totalitarian societies; plurality of ideas and sources are proven to be the essence of free media. The problem is, concentration in the media might have advantages from an economic perspective, but at some level this trend couldn't be tolerated in any democratic society.

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In economic terms, the artificial compromise or disguise to mask a monopolistic control of an economic sector is known as an OLIGOPOLY. This system allows a handful of corporations, whose interests are common, to control a whole sector in one country or more. There are no laws against this structure of conglomerates, even though the consequences are that oligopolies operate very much alike a monopoly per se. Map of Ockham 2016.

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