Map of Oberndorf in Tirol

Map of Oberndorf in Tirol on The teen fled to Los Angeles where his aunt lived and soon became involved with his brother, Armando, in lowlevel drug and people smuggling. Armando’s violent death in Tijuana is credited with Sanchez’s first corrido written to commemorate his memory. While spending a few months in jail, Sanchez continued to write songs this time on commission for fellowinmates in exchange for money and favors. These early recordings, like most narcocorridos, were quickly made and put on cassettes for easy limited distribution. Although not a particularly good singer, Sanchez had an instantly recognizable voice and delivery that when vocalizing his own sharply drawn tales of life lived on the streets made a visceral impact. Soon, local tough guys were paying Sanchez to chronicle their deeds in song. Single cassette sales to individuals soon grew into multiple copy requests for their friends. Map of Oberndorf in Tirol 2016.

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