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TIPPING : 10 per cent of the bill is the usual tip. TRANSPORTATION : There are state-owned railroads in both West and East Pakistan that provide access to most of the principal cities. Much of the track is 5’6 gauge, widesj: in use anywhere. Principal cities are also serviced by good air connections. For local transportation, taxis, buses, tungas (horse and carriage) and rented automobiles are available. About four hours by air from Ka rachi at Lahore is Pakistan’s famous Badshahi (the Royal) Mosque, one of the largest in the world, The Municipal Corporation Building on Bunder Road, a thoroughfare of Karachi, is representative of the local upward-reaching architecture. WATER Not safe to drink. Use special water flask in your hotel room for drinking and brushing teeth. WHAT TO BUY : Ivory articles are admired for their beauty and delicacy; products of papier mache and pieces of embroidery brocades, fur caps, Baluchistan carpets, Sindhi glass-work and other hand-made goods. Visitors should see the sales and display centers at Karachi Airport, at the leading hotels, at the Cottage Industry Center in Karachi; and similar centers in Dacca and Chittagong. WHAT TO WEAR : In winter (October to April), tropical worsted; in summer, rayons, cotton and other washable fabrics. Winter nights sometimes become suddenly cold. A light topcoat should be taken along. Men can use summer-weight dinner jacket and black tie for evening functions. Women should bring white cotton formals. WHERE TO GO SIGHTSEEING: Karachi . In Karachi sightseeing tours are limited, but you can get about the city by cab or gharry (a horse-drawn vehicle) the driver of which will act as your guide. About 3 miles from the town of Karachi is the Clifton Beach on the Arabian Sea. On moonlight nights the charm of the surroundings is increased manyfold. About 30 miles from Karachi is fertile Malir, which, with swimming pool and the Grand Hotel, offers a fine spot for relaxation. West of Karachi is the little island of Manora, which offers an excellent view of the city and interesting sights such as a pilot station, a lighthouse and a fishermen’s camp that attract many visitors. From Manora westward, about 12 miles, is Cape Monz. Boat transportation and rental automobiles are available for these sightseeing trips. Four and a half miles from Manora is Sandspit, accessible by boat up the creek, at this point separated from the sea by a narrow strip of beach. Spend a day there. Another such holiday resort is Hawk’s Bay, about 12 miles from Karachi. Manghopir (11 miles north from Karachi), well-known shrine of a saint, is built on a rock and is famous for its hot sulphur springs. Children are especially interested in a tank that is full of crocodiles bred from two originally tamed by the saint. A trip to Bund Murad Khan is good for lovers of fish and sport. Another place worth visiting is Tatta, 64 miles from Karachi, full of historic ruins of Mogul and pre-Mogul period. A visit to the Pakistan Parliament, if in session, and the grave of Quaid-i-Azam, founder of Pakistan, should be made. Lahore Roughly 4 hours by air from Karachi, Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan, with a population slightly over 1 million. It is the cultural and academic center of Pakistan, the location of over 40 colleges and institutions, including Punjab University. One of Lahore’s great treasures is the exquisite Shalimar Gardens, a masterpiece of the great Mogul Emperor, Shah Jahan, who was also responsible for the Taj Mahal. The beautiful tomb of Jahangir, the father of Shah Jahan, is also well worth a visit.

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