Map of Nevez


While travel with cats prefer innards, they thrive best on a diet composed partly of innards and partly of muscle meat, plus fish and eggs.

Beef. All cuts of beef are good for travel with cats. If cheap cuts which contain little or no fat are fed, a teaspoonful of beef suet should be minced into it at each feeding.

Map of Nevez Photo Gallery

Several policeman were badly hurt; they retaliated by thrashing the rioters they took into custody. By the time the riot ended, nearly 200 people had been injured. There were no riots when I turned up to take my examinations, just street-corner loafers, small children playing in the road, some dogs, other exam attendees. Everywhere was grubby, the pavements were cracked, litter blew in the wind, crude graffiti marred brick walls, plant life grew through the concrete in abandoned wastes. The place looked as if little had been done since the Mosley riot.

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