Map of Narrikup

Map of Narrikup on Most professional daytraders will not risk trading 10 anticipation trades to hopefully have one or two work out, especially if those one or two do not cover the losses on the other eight or nine failed trades. To be safe, I will always play the reaction rather than front-run the expectation. This way I keep control of my capital and control of the trade. On these types of trades, I am giving my control to the other traders and the market itself. With the idea that these two forces exist to take my money from me, I will not be giving them any more control than I have to. Another trade to be cautious of is the stock that is moving very fast on either the buy or sell side, but no news is attached. At times like this, the stock is a prime candidate for a stock halt so that the stock can be reviewed for such action. Map of Narrikup 2016.

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