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Map of Narooma on Lana Clarkson was pronounced dead at 6:24 A.M. A toxicology test by the coroner’s office revealed her blood alcohol level was .12 percent and she had therapeutic levels of Vicodin in her system. A verbally abusive and seemingly inebriated Phil Spector was booked into the Alhambra police station around 6:28 A.M. A urine test taken 13 hours after the shooting registered his blood alcohol level at . Map of Narooma 2016.

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After an hour motoring gently around the city, we went out of town and clattered round the countryside, which we found as green as England, stopping at small villages from time to time. We spent the afternoon in Kawakawa Bay, where we walked on the beach and swam in the cool of the sea and strived to impress the local girls, with little result. At one o’clock in the morning, after we had been in Auckland for a week, there was a furious pounding on my cabin door, accompanied by the angry roar of the Old Man, Big Dennis. Second Mate! Second Mate! Are you in there? I was sitting in my chair in my cabin, reading the New Zealand Herald and sucking on a bottle of cold Leopard. I looked across at Marie and Janey, who were sitting on the deck, sucking on a marijuana joint.

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