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Map of Nadur on Stringbean see Akeman, David (Stringbean) Stromberg, Larry (M) For the past five years the 30-year-old strug – gling actor worked as a fitness trainer at the Riverside Racquet and Fitness Club in the Philadelphia suburb of Bala Cynwyd. Stromberg appeared in minuscule parts in two films partially shot in Philadelphia (12 Monkeys, 1995; Up Close & Personal, 1996), and most recently in the 1997 B horror- comedy Blades. The actor was writing a script about a serial killer when his troubled three year marriage to Stefan Stromberg, 30, finally disintegrated amid his wife’s alleged infidelity and subsequent abortion. In mid?April 1996, the woman obtained a protection-from-abuse order against her husband citing his threats and violence. On April 28, 1996, eleven days after the decree was filed, Paula Rathgeb, Stefan Stromberg’s mother, was helping her daughter move out of the married 307 Stromberg couple’s apartment in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Larry Stromberg slashed and stabbed both women to death and fled into the woods in suburban Montgomery County. He surrendered to police a few days later and was charged with one count of first-degree murder (his wife) and one count of second-degree murder (his motherin- law). Map of Nadur 2016.

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