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Map of Munich Tourist on The couple had a child in September 1974 and another in November 1975. Anna Gaye formally filed for divorce on March 25, 1975, demanding $11,000 a month in support for herself and son, Marvin, and other payments totaling roughly $35,000. Gaye, whose crippling stage fright had prevented him from touring for several years, was nearly broke and owed the IRS $165,000. After the release of another frankly sexual album, I Want You, in March 1976 failed to brighten his financial picture, Gaye agreed to a concert tour of the U.S. and Europe. Instead of paying off the tax man and Anna, the singer spent most of his payout on drugs, cars, and the purchase of a house for his parents in the middle-class black Crenshaw district of Los Angeles. Map of Munich Tourist 2016.

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