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ngle, $7.50 double. The Prince, Luis Moya No. 12 has good central location, bar and fine restaurant. Rates average $5.50 single, $7.00 double. The Geneve, Londres 130, is excellent. Rates similar to those at the Prince. It is advisable to consult the Mexican Tourist Bureau for information on the above. There are de luxe suite-type hotels, such as the Bamer and Monte Cassino, where rates start at about $12 double. Also many fine smaller hotels, such as the Maria Cristina, Cortes, Lincoln, Emporio, Majestic and Francis, with rates from about $3.50 single and $4.50 double. ARTS : There is so much art in Mexico that it is difficult to decide what to see first. Musts are: the National Palace with frescoes by Diego Rivera; the Fine Arts Palace, with frescoes by Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros; the Palace of Justice, with frescoes by Orozco and George Biddle; the National Museum of Anthropology, in which all the many cultures of Mexico are represented; the Central Art Gallery, which houses most of the Mexican moderns; the Ministry of Education, which contains sculptures, frescoes by Carlos Merida and Rivera, and a self-portrait by the latter. The Palace of Fine Arts houses a theater and a museum. The theater has a curtain of Tiff a glass depicting two extinct volcanoes. The Palace also houses Museo Nacional de Artes Plasticas. The Museum of Flora and Fauna is filled with exotic specimens from all parts of the country. Galeria Mexicana is devoted to the works of Rivera. BALLET : Visiting companies of ballet perform in Mexico oc-1 casionally. There is also good Mexican ballet several times a year. Opera is presented at the Palace of Fine Arts each spring. BANKS : There are hundreds of banks and branches through-, out Mexico City. All major hotels have branch banks in their lobby. Banking hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., except Sunday and holidays. Most hotels and shops will change money at other hours. The National City Bank of New York, Uruguay e Isabel la Catolica; Banco de Londres y Mexico, 16 de Septiembre y Bolivar; Banco de Mexico, 5 de Mayo y Motolinia; Banco de Comercio, V. Carranza 42. CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS : There is scarcely a day in the year that there is not a fiesta in some province or town, but here is a list of national holidays celebrated by the entire country; New Year’s Day; January 6, Day of Los Reyes Magos; February 5, anniversary of the establishment of the Constitution in 1857; Shrove Tuesday; celebrations like Mardi Gras; Easter week when most business houses and all Government offices are closed; March 21,-Birthday of Benito Juarez; May 1, Labor Day; May 5, Mexican National Holiday celebrating victory over French at Puebla, 1862; September 16, El Grito or Independence Day; October 12, Columbus Day; November 1 and 2, All Saints and All Souls Days, the days of the dead; November 20, Anniversary of the Revolution of 1910; December 12, Guadalupe Day; December 16 to 25, the Posadas to celebrate Christmas. CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO : Mexican cigarettes and cigars are good and inexpensive. American cigarettes

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