Map of Mornington

Map of Mornington on Proudie, the she-bishop. It is right that the Archdeacon, Major Grantly’s father, should be won over by the very sight of Grace Crawley when he first encounters her, though he has threatened to disinherit his son ifhe makes so unworthy a match. Grace herself is a wonderfully attractive model of the way mode st young women should behave when they are in love. 22 Last Chronicle ofBarset as a Model ofVictorian Community Seen as a model of community in this second sense, TI1e Last Chronicie ofBarset does not so mu ch imitate any pre-existing community as present an ideal community full of ethically admirable persons whom we should imitate. It shows the way a community ought to be, not the way it is. It also shows what is by no means always the case in the real world, virtue rewarded. The pleasure of the text, for those who love Trollope’s novels, and it is an exquisite pleasure, is the pleasure of seeing justice do ne and things coming out happily in the end. Map of Mornington 2016.

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