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Map of Morawa on If a company announces earnings of 25 cents per share compared to 2 cents last year same quarter, it will get little reaction if this is exactly what everyone was expecting, but a company that is expected to release earnings of 8 cents a share but announces 35 cents a share will have a much greater impact on the stock’s movement. Earnings must be evaluated not only according to how well they did in comparison to last year’s same quarter, but also to as what the street was expecting. Another factor is how the stock looks pre-market. Is it gapping up or down? How much volume does it have? The stronger it gaps, the better score it gets. The gap will determine selling. If a stock gaps up from $5 to $9 a share, you will get some profit-taking; however, if the story is a great story, it may only dip a small amount and then take off again. If a stock with a mediocre story gaps up from $10 to $12, it will most likely fall and never reach its high again. Map of Morawa 2016.

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