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Map of Moorook on nor could he avoid observations which, unless it were like Cowper and his fire at twilight, Myself creating what 1 saw, brought him yet st ronger suspicion of there being something of private liking, or private understanding even, between Frank Churchill and Jane.22 Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Victorian Community 65 Trollope’s characters are, for the most part, not imaginists, nor do they create what they see. They see clearly what is there to see, even the goings on in other people’s minds. lETTERS IN THE LAST CHRONICLE One important form of the openness of the characters to one another in The Last Chronicle is the letters they exchange. Much could be said about the letters in Trollope’s novels. That Trollope’s characters communicate by letter indicates the technological stage to which Trollope’s novels belong. This is the stage just before the telegraph and then the telephone began to displace the postal system as the dominant means of communication at a distance. Map of Moorook 2016.

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