Map of Monaco

Map of Monaco

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Map of Monaco on Rel. i, iii f., 627). to the union of Demeter and Iasion in the thrice-ploughed field.1 Aetiological stories naturally grew up around the rites, and just as the dance of the young Cretan warriors was lifted on to the theological plane and regarded as a commemorative representation of the protection of the infant Zeus by divine Kuretes, so the fertility-ritual was frequently explained as commemorating the nuptials of Zeus and Hera, or sometimes of Zeus and other goddesses. Now in reading the explanations of modern scholars, one gets the impression that they tend to amalgamate two theories about the Hieroi Gamoi without sufficiently making clear their relation to one another and to the probable truth. It will be obvious from what I have said so far that there is a general tendency to replace the favourite nineteenth-century explanations of myth on the basis of nature-symbolism by theories based on the historical fact of the supersession of aboriginal cults by those of the invading peoples. Map of Monaco 2016.

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