Map of Mogoditshane

On the west tide, a magnificently assured facade by James (‚“Athenian) Stuart, once the town house of the Earls of Lichfield, is now an Assurance Company, but has its interior well preserved; a very pure, very classical, gentleman‚„s town house of 1763. Then there b the opening west into King Street, with still a distinctly St James‚„s atmosphere, though the St James‚„s Theatre has fallen to the speculator but there is Harvey’s (of Bristol sherry) on the comer, antique shop, and an the north (No. ic) lived Louis Napoleon, awaiting his coup d‚„etat between 1846 and 1848. The street leads through to St. James’s Street, with two tributaries to the north, Duke and Bury Streets, both rich in art d

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Mogoditshane, South Africa, North-West Weather Forecast

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Physical 3D Map of Mogoditshane

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