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Map of Modec Venture on Sometime in 2005, Tamim became secretly involved with Egyptian tycoon Hisham Talaat Mustafa, the head of the multi-billion dollar real estate conglomerate, the Talaat Mustafa Group. A close personal friend of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s powerful son, Gamal, Mustafa was the top man in the ruling National Democratic Party and a member of the Shura Council, Egypt’s upper house of Parliament. In 2006, Mustafa asked Tamim to marry him, but the billionaire withdrew the proposal after his mother disapproved of the union. Although already married, Mustafa was permitted other wives under Islamic law. In early 2006, Tamim severed the relationship and relocated to Dubai. Bitter over the breakup, Mustafa tried unsuccessfully in a Geneva court to sue his ex-lover for the return of the estimated $12 million in cash and gifts he had given her during the course of their affair. In 2007, Tamim married Riyad al-Azzawi, an Iraqi kickboxing champion she met while living in London. Map of Modec Venture 2016.

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