Map of Miramar Nagarote

Map of Miramar/Nagarote on self-monitoring n. 1. a method used in behavioral management in which individuals keep a record of their behavior (e.g., time spent, place of occurrence, form of the behavior, feelings during performance), especially in connection with efforts to change or regulate the self (see self-regulation). 2. a personality trait reflecting an ability to modify one’s behavior in response to situational pressures, opportunities, and norms. Map of Miramar/Nagarote 2016.

Map of Miramar Nagarote Photo Gallery

The trees and bush were cleared back for 500 yards from the river’s edge, to stop Viet Cong sitting in the upper branches and lobbing grenades down the funnels of passing ships. The company had suffered several attacks on its ships over the past few years, one had been mined and sunk, others had been hit by rockets. We were all tense, there was no conversation, we snapped at each other down the ranks. The radio would periodically erupt in a blast of Vietnamese, the pilot would jump up and grab the handset and shout a staccato response, a machine-gun quick reply. The river twisted and turned.

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