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Map of Minneapolis/St. Paul Tourist on At the request of the French government, neurosurgeon Stephane Delajoux was flown to Vilnius to perform a last chance operation to save the brain dead actress. Delajoux, however, concurred with his colleague’s prognosis, informing the press, Medically there is no more we can do. We can make her comfortable, but it is not necessary. She is in a state where there is no suffering, neither moral nor physical. As Cantat was held in a pretrial detention facility on a preliminary charge of suspicion of causing bodily harm, Trintignant was flown back to Paris in a private jet so she could die on French soil in accordance with the wishes of her parents. The popular actress expired on August 1, 2003, five days after the assault, of cerebral edema, and was buried amid great fanfare near the grave of rock legend Jim Morrison in the Cimiti?re du P?re Lachaise in Paris. The results of the autopsy failed to support Cantat’s claim that he struck Trintignant once and she then hit her head on the floor. Map of Minneapolis/St. Paul Tourist 2016.

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