Map of Mexico City

Map of Mexico City

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Map of Mexico City on Nevertheless, as Nilsson rightly emphasizes, religion was the foundation, and if it is Olympia that we are considering, we must not forget the great temples erected, the great sacrifices offered, and the many cults attended to by numerous priests.1 If the combination causes any surprise to-day, that only brings out more clearly the difference between the most typical Greek attitude and our own. The Greek saw no incongruity. A feature of every panegyris was a fair. As Pythagoras according to Aristotle remarked, the crowd which assembled at Olympia was drawn by various motives. Some came simply to enjoy the spectacle, some to compete in the games, and others to buy and sell. Booths and tents were set up, not only for traders and cooks, but also, since the panegyris lasted several days, as temporary lodgings for the assembled multitude. Map of Mexico City 2016.

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