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Map of Mexico City Tourist on But definitely shortable was the break below bar 5, a classic pattern break pullback entry. Quite commonplace in a slow market is a first-touch bounce on a round number (at 6) . If not yet on target, such development could quickly eat back all the current profits on the trade; but rather than being upset or fearful, it is crucial to keep assessing the odds from a probability perspective. Below the pattern line, bears still had the best of the action, meaning that prices were more likely (technically speaking) to bend down to the OO-level again than to shake out the trade beyond the last arch on top of the pattern line. Should prices indeed turn favorably again, it is up to the trader whether to stay in for a 20-level breach or grab profits in the level second time around and be done. The overall pressure of the session could have a say in this decision. If out on the trade, definitely not a good idea would have been to reposition the short in bar 7 or thereabouts. Map of Mexico City Tourist 2016.

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