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Map of metal on Released in early 1969, The Wrecking Crew brought Tate largely positive reviews and revealed her talent for light comedic roles. While in Los Angeles, Polanski and Tate were temporarily living in a house on Summit Drive owned by Patty Duke, her Valley of the Dolls co-star. Duke informed the couple that she needed the house back, and on February 12, 1969, 315 Tate they signed a one year lease on a two bedroom house at 10050 Cielo Drive in the Benedict Can – yon section of Los Angeles. Both Tate and Polan – ski had previously attended parties in the home once occupied by music producer Terry Melcher and his then girlfriend Candice Bergen.

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The $1, 200 a month house featured a three-car garage, the services of a caretaker living in a separate residence on the grounds, and landscaping service, all in a secluded hillside setting within an easy drive of downtown Hollywood. Within one month of signing the lease on the house on Cielo Drive, Tate and Polanski traveled together to Europe to work on separate films leaving the director's friend, Wojiciech (Voytek) Frykowski, 32, and his girlfriend, Abigail (Libby) Folger, the heiress to the Folger coffee fortune, to house sit. Frykowski, a heavy drug user and pusher, reg u – larly entertained in the home and the Cielo Drive address quickly became known to the seedier underground element in Los Angeles.

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