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Map of Mentone on 11Ie consequence is that since the difference between one world and another will remain always unbridgeable [inji-anchissable, the community of the world [la communaut du monde, including animaIs and human beings of different cultures, is always constructed, simulated by a set ofstabilizing apparatuses [dispositifs, more or less stable, then, and never natural, language in the broad sense, codes of traces [les codes de traces being designed, among allliving beings, to construct a unit y of the world always deconst¹lCtible [une unit du monde toujours dconstructibleJ, nowhere and never given in nature.8 In sorne remarkable pages in Faith and Knowledge, Derrida posits a suicidaI tendency in each community that he calls a form of autoimmunity: Cornmunity as cam-mon auto-immunity [com-mune auto-immunit: no community that would not cultivate its own auto-immunity, a principle of sacrificial self-destruction ruining the principle of selfprotection (that of maintaining its self~integrity intact [du maintien de l’intgrit intacte de soi)), and this in view of sorne sort of invisible and spectral sur-viva1.9 l conclude that assumptions about the nature of individuality and intersubjectivity largely determine one’s ideas about community. Williams’s communit y is only one possibility within a wide spectrum of recent concepts of cornmunity. These concepts are incompatible. They cannot be synthesized or reconciled. Il faut choisir. Map of Mentone 2016.

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