Map of Melk

Map of Melk on Unable to pay off a loan shark, the collector held Snider by the ankles out of the window of a 30-story office building. Through his tears, Snider talked his way out of being dropped, but hastily left Vancouver for Los Angeles. In the City of the Angels he acquired a limousine and briefly pimped women on the fringes of Beverly Hills. Unable to realize his dream of becoming a big time talent producer, however, Snider returned to Vancouver. By February 1978, na?ve 18-year-old Dorothy Hoogstraten had been won over by her older lover’s charm. Impressed by the clothes and jewels Snider bought her, his luxurious pad, his compliments on her ripening body, and his professional 305 Stratten plans for her future, Dorothy was still reticent about his insistence she pose nude for Playboy magazine. In 1974, Snider had tried unsuccessfully to promote a stripper for Playmate consideration, but suspected Dorothy’s combination of girl next door beauty and native innocence would be a winning combination. Map of Melk 2016.

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