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Map of Mattsee on The only piece missing now is our traders and how they are going to react. Our traders will either take a stock from 4 to 40, from 40 to 4, or make a stock sit at 20 all day long. It is their willingness to buy and sell stocks that gives us the best micro view of the market. If you see a stock CHAPTER 9 Tracking 173 go from 4 to 40, then we can see a crazy buying market. If we see a stock go from 40 to 4, then we are seeing a panic in the market. If we see a stock make nice easy climbs or profit-taking on stocks from 20 to 24 or from 24 to 20, then we have more stability in the market where overwhelming buying or profit-taking do not occur either way. It is in this aspect of market dynamics that we can begin to make true assumptions of the market and base our expectations upon them. Map of Mattsee 2016.

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