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Map of Mareeba on At this point, Manson and his followers would emerge from their Bottomless Pit, a place of safety in California’s Death Valley to which they had fled to avoid the carnage, and take over the planet. Tired of waiting for Helter Skelter, the day of the Apocalypse, Manson decided to instigate the event by sending out four of his most devoted disciples to kill prominent members of the white Establishment, then plant evidence implicating black revolutionaries. Terry Melcher, the record producer son of Doris Day and boyfriend of actress Candice Ber – gen, was targeted as a victim because he had earlier refused to sign Manson to a recording contract. The couple had been living at 10050 Cielo Drive in the Benedict Canyon section of West Los Angeles, but had vacated and the house was being let by Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. In early August 1969, the eight-and-a-half month pregnant actress was living in the home and waiting for her husband to return from England where he was writing the script for a proposed film, The Day of the Dolphin. For protection, the director had asked his longtime friend, Voytek Frykowski, a 32-year-old Polish emigre drug dealer, and his lover Libby Folger, 25-year-old heiress to the Folger’s coffee fortune, to live with Tate until he returned. The opening salvo in Helter Skelter was the brutal murder of Gary Hinman, a 34-year-old Hippie music teacher who had befriended Man – son and Family members Robert (Bobby) Kenneth Beausoleil, a 22-year-old wannabe musician, and Susan Denise (Sadie Mae Glutz) Atkins, a 21-year-old topless dancer. Map of Mareeba 2016.

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