Map of Marchtrenk

Map of Marchtrenk on Under his direction, she learned how to dress and had plastic surgery done on her nose and jaw. In 1950 Hyde landed Monroe the second female lead in the Mickey Rooney film The Fireball. That same year Hyde convinced his client, director John Huston, to cast his protege as the secretary-mistress to Louis Calhern’s shady lawyer in MGM’s crime drama The Asphalt Jungle. On the strength of Monroe’s sizzling portrayal in the film, Hyde negotiated a seven year contract for her with 20th Century? Fox in December 1950. Weeks after closing the deal, Hyde suffered a fatal heart attack on December 17, 1950, the day Monroe began filming As Young as You Feel (1951). Many in Hollywood felt Hyde had literally worked himself to death promoting Monroe’s career. Despite a request by Hyde’s family not to attend the funeral service at Forest Lawn, a distraught Monroe did so and threw herself screaming across his casket. Map of Marchtrenk 2016.

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