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Responsible for putting together this glorious evening. Her efforts on behalf of the Sunset Memorial Medical Center are no less than heroic. Without her, we never could have achieved this high level of success.The band gave Edna a drum roll. Becca had to bite the insides of her cheeks so as not to smile.

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Thanks to Becca Hillman,Edna continued, the other hardworking women on the dinner-dance committee and, of course, all of you, the Women's Guild of Sunset Memorial is delighted to announce that we have raised more than three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for our favourite cause.She waited for the thunderous applause to subside. Let us all show our appreciation to our charming hostess and her equally charming husband, Mr and Mrs Jonathan Hillman! Jonathan helped Becca out of her seat and up onto the stage, a journey that she extended as long as she could. Having arrived in the spotlight, she permitted Edna to peck at her cheek and rewarded her audience with a brief, but humble smile.

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