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Map of Manchester Tourist on The case languished for a decade, ten years in which Carpenter endured the strain of being an unindicted murderer while the SPD smarted under the pub – lics’ perception of the department as incompetent. In the late 1980s, Richard Romley was elected to replace Collins, and vowed to finally solve the Crane murder. In June 1989, the new county attorney appointed a team of prosecutors and investigators to review the complex case. Nearly 12 years after the murder, DNA testing had reached a level where it was possible to determine if the blood inside Carpenter’s rented Cordoba belonged to Bob Crane. Unfortunately, the test proved inconclusive the dried blood was too old after 11 years, and there was not enough of a sample. The case appeared permanently stalled until county investigator Jim Raines found the proverbial smoking gun inside a storage room in the Maricopa County courthouse. Overlooked by past investigators and prosecutors, Raines uncovered a color photo of an irregularly shaped 1/16 in diameter dark speck on the door panel of Carpenter’s rental car. Map of Manchester Tourist 2016.

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