Map of Maia, Island Sao Miguel

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Demodectic mange, red mange, is the more difficult to treat because the parasite lives in the hair follicles. The mite burrows into the skin and finds its way into the follicles. Years ago this type of mange was almost incurable, but today, with the internal and external medications available, cures are commonplace.

Young animals are more easily infected with this mite, and volumes of research have been done.

Map of Maia, Island Sao Miguel Photo Gallery

I was made to work like a beast of the field and was probably treated with less compassion. The work was hard and the hours were long, but the most challenging aspect to absorb was the grinding relentlessness. After the initial shock, I found I could cope with most things that were thrown at me, however dirty and degrading. The work was tiring, sometimes exhausting, often working sixteen or twenty hours non-stop, but I could do that too. What I found unsettling, though, was the slow turn of the wheel, whereby I never seemed to make any progress.

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