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Map of madrid on It is a long process to become proficient at executing and even longer to control one’s emotions. Trading small shares in the beginning will help. 216 Trading on Momentum F I G U R E 1 2 – 1 GOLDEN RULE #7: TAKE PROFITS WHEN YOU HAVE THEM! Although I have found it generally true that more profits can be made from a stock if you ride out the selling on a stock that is going up, those that reverse and continue down can do so at such a rapid pace that the losses can be excessive. One of the biggest faults traders continually have is to second-guess a stock’s movement. They continually second-guess their trades by allowing 20/20 hindsight to dictate their trading. The second after a stock moves in a certain direction, a trader will say to himself, I should have known it would do that! Remember you can only go with the flow at the moment. If a stock is selling at $10 per share, you cannot know if the next low is 3 or the next high is 20. Map of madrid 2016.

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