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Map of Madrid Tourist on Brancato’s rapid speech and dilated eyes were enough probable cause for officers to suspect he was high, a suspicion confirmed by a urine test that revealed traces of cocaine, marijuana, Valium, and other opiates in his system. He was arrested and released on bail. In June 2005, Yonkers police arrested the 29-year-old actor after discovering four glassine bags filled with heroin in his car during a routine traffic stop. Shortly after the arrest, in the summer of 2005, Stefanie Armento broke with her troubled boyfriend. Brancato tried to get himself clean through drug rehab programs, but the siren call of drugs was too strong. Two weeks after returning from a drug treatment program in Los Angeles, Brancato showed up at Stefanie Armento’s home Brancato 42 in Yonkers on December 8, 2005, demanding to see her. When Armento refused, he smashed in her front door then stood in the yard screaming abuse at the terrified woman cowering within the house. Map of Madrid Tourist 2016.

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