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Map of Lyngen on His nationalism grew out of his support for the WAR OF 1812, and by the 1820s had crystallized into an entire program designed to integrate the American economy into one whole instead of sectional parts, to encourage American manufactures, and to wean the young nation off of foreign trade. The American System included protective tariffs, internal improvements, slowed western expansion, and a new Bank of the United States. It was around this latter issue, in particular, that the second party system coalesced in the 1820s and 1830s. While Jacksonian Democrats opposed the Bank's re-charter and viewed it as an emblem of economic privilege, greed, and debt, Clay saw the Bank as an insurer of sound currency and an instrument of economic stability and development. Clay vigorously opposed Andrew JACKSON's policies, and those of his successor, Martin VAN BUREN; likewise, Democrats did all in their power to defeat the American System at every turn.

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Congress passed very few of Clay's measures, and western expansion soon eclipsed the American System as the focus of political interest. Clay's last starring role, perhaps the one that made him most famous, was as author of the Compromise of 140 Clay, Henry 1850. Map of Lyngen 2016.

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