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Savings Beyond the Savings Account

The basic savings account isn’t the only bank-based option you have for savings. Also useful are money-market accounts and certificates of deposit.

Money-market accounts, sometimes identified as MMAs or even high-yield savings accounts, typically offer slightly higher rates than do savings accounts. Banks can afford to pay higher rates because they put your money to work in what is literally the money market, a marketplace where banks and other institutions borrow from one another for terms of one year or less.

At banks, money-market accounts are FDIC insured. At credit unions, the National Credit Union Administration (a federal agency) protects your cash on deposit. The point: In a money market, your dollars are government guaranteed if anything ever happens to the financial institution you select.

Unlike savings accounts, however, money-market accounts generally require a minimum balance, often in the $500 to $2,500 range. Allow the account to slip below that level and you will be hit with a monthly fee and the possibility that you lose interest accrual during the time your balance is below the minimum. Moreover, money markets typically limit the number of transactions you can conduct in a month, though usually on the withdrawal side only. You can deposit as much money as you wish and on as many occasions as necessary, but federal law limits monthly withdrawals to no more than six transfers to other accounts or three payments outside the bank.

Map of Lustenau on The focus of analysis ranges from the individual to institutions and entire social systems. The general goal is to understand social interactions and to propose solutions to social problems. social self the aspects of the self that are important to or influenced by social relations. See also social identity. social skills a set of learned abilities that enable an individual to interact competently and appropriately in a given social context. The most commonly identified social skills include assertiveness, coping, communication and friendship-making skills, interpersonal problem solving, and the ability to regulate one’s cognitions, feelings, and behavior. See also social competence. Map of Lustenau 2016.

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