Map of Longwood

Map of Longwood on The more consistent the market has been behaving, the more consistent the news event reactions. So our best trading occurs when the WAS market is doing the same thing day after day. We have bad news reactions and good news reactions, and we make our living on the overreactions to the upside and downside. During earnings season, we get a lot of overreactions as stocks can move dramatically up or down, and pre-earnings season brings earnings warnings, which is great for downside action. Anything unexpected will cause a knee-jerk reaction by the market, and daytraders should be ready to play the overactive pendulum. CNBC has always been a huge force of momentum since the days of Dan Dorfman and now Joe Kernen, and it pays to listen with both ears whenever stocks are talked about in detail. I normally listen for the spin of the story, and go with the spin before I see any buying or selling action because once the CNBC train leaves the station, it is really tough to execute. Map of Longwood 2016.

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