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Map of Lochen on At trial, Pasolini was convicted of committing lewd acts against minors. Although an appeals court in April 1952 would absolve him of the crime based on insufficient evidence, the immediate consequences of the conviction resulted in Pasolini’s dismissal from his teaching position and expulsion from the Italian Communist party on the grounds of moral and political unworthiness. Leaving the district for Rome in 1949, Pasolini entered a period of intense creative effort writing poetry and publishing his controversial first novel, Ragazzi di vita/The Ragazzi in 1955. The book’s subject matter, the sordid lives of sub-proletariat teenagers in Rome’s impoverished shantytowns, was condemned by the church and prosecuted for obscenity. Pasolini’s next novel, Una Vita violenta/ A Violent Life, again objectively examined the desperate lives of young teens in Rome’s slums. The 1959 book was rejected out of hand by the judges of the Strega Prize, Italy’s most prestigious literary award, for obscenity, but did win a rival prize called the Cortone. Throughout his life, Pasolini continued to write novels, poetry, essays, and film criticism, but it was as a filmmaker that he was destined to leave his enduring mark on the arts. Map of Lochen 2016.

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