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Map of Liudyne on These took place long before the novel begins, if it can be said to have a starting point in the ordinary sense. Those sinister puffs of blue smoke are something that happened over and over in that distant time. Analepsis, prolepsis, iterative narration, time shifts, hiatuses, sudden changes in perspective, tense shifts-Conrad employs aIl these sophisticated devices to break up 172 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Comnnmity: Nostromo straightforward chronological narration long before Grard Genette identified them and appropriated or concocted barbarous-sounding names for them from Greek rhetorical terms.24 Narrative Complexities in Nostromo Nostromo is extremely complicated in its narrative organization. It off’ers narratologists great opportunities to demonstrate in detail the various kinds of narrative complexity employed by modernist authors such as Faulkner, Woolf, James, or Conrad himself. Just about every narrative device that specialists in narrative form have identified is employed in one way or another: time shifts; analepsis; prolepsis; breaks in the narration; shifts in focalization from one character’s mind to another by way of the omniscient (or, as l should prefer to say, following Nicholas Royle, telepathic25) narrator’s use of free indirect discourse, or by way of interpolated first person narration or spoken discourse; shifts by the narrator from distant, panoramic vision to extreme close-ups; retellings of the same event from diff’erent subjective perspectives; citations of documents, and so on.26 The chronological trajectory of Sulaco history can be pieced together from these indirections. Map of Liudyne 2016.

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