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Map of Lima Tourist on Cleaves, Robert Weldon (M) Road rage turned to murder in Los Angeles on September 30, 1998, when the 79-year-old retired film and television actor argued with Arnold William Guerriero, a 39-year-old furniture mover. Around noon, Guerriero and two men with him in his car took a lunch break from a moving job at the J. Paul Getty Museum. The 250 pound ex- New Yorker reportedly honked at Cleaves to move his 1972 Ford Maverick out of their way. An argument ensued, obscene gestures exchanged, and Cleaves recklessly pursued Guerriero as the furniture mover sped past. Not realizing how angry the elderly man was, the furniture movers shared a laugh as Cleaves chased them through the streets honking his horn and screaming for them to get out of their car. After several blocks, Guerriero stopped his Ford Taurus and approached Cleaves’ auto. Map of Lima Tourist 2016.

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